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Top Five Emerging Trends in Gospel Music

Change is inevitable, and people will always have something to say about emerging trends. This is no different for the gospel industry. Every few years, music artists have dared to bring more instruments, dance, and recording styles into the genre, most of which have been quite positive.
Here are five emerging trends that are giving the gospel industry a different sound.

Hit After Hit

Gone are the days when an artist could only get one or two music hits that appealed to all fans including those that like secular music. Today, artists such as Kirk Franklin and Lauren Daigle appear on BET and even the Grammy's.

Hip Hop Gospel Music

At first, people imagined that there was no way that hip hop could have any positive message worthy of singing in church. Today the 116 Clique plus various other artists have proven otherwise.

One New Song After Another

These days it is not uncommon to find one or two new songs added to the list of songs that are sang on Sunday. The fantastic thing is that with display technology, people can learn as they sing along.

The Lead Singer

Sometimes the entire song is sung by the lead as the rest of the congregation sings along. The choir days are long gone.

Song Rewriting

Lovers of old hymns are not entirely left out. However, they might have to adjust to more lively ways of singing the same songs.

Gospel music has evolved a lot, and there can only be more changes to come. Luckily, you can listen to this genre of music from anywhere these days thanks to apps like Spotify and YouTube; listen to your favourite gospel music as you cook, clean, commute or even as you play games on sites like!